Thursday, December 24, 2009



At our center of excellence for Hernia repairs we are proud to stand in the firm platform in Hernia Clinik to deliver high-quality , stable, non-recurring , cost effective repairs of Hernia to our patients. Here at Herniaclinik , we are committed to deliver world-class services to our patients for Hernia and other surgical diseases.We have a very friendly rapport with all types of patients and over the last 5 years of Hernia dedicate d practice we have evolved into a choice of center for patients of Hernia.Here what is our excellence comes into picture where we give the best satisfaction to our patients.

Surgery @ Our Center

Surgery done at our center speaks it’s own language.!!! Thousands of satisfied patients and a strong backup of staff with efficient surgeons in the Herniaclinik makes us stand apart from the crowd. From one center at initial , now we have expanded our self to two centers in Pune, India. This is due to demands from the patients and to offer services to the patients in their local area within reach.

Present Hernia Repair

Our present hernia repair has evolved over many years into a straight forward outpatient mesh reinforced herniorrhaphy.

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